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Engine Diagnostics - Father and Son Auto Repair Sioux Falls

Father and Son Auto Repair
1608 N Cliff Ave.
Sioux Falls, SD 57103
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An engine diagnostic is a test which is performed to learn more about why an engine is not functioning properly. The engine diagnostic is used to gather data which can be utilized in the repair of the vehicle.

People usually bring cars in for an engine diagnostic when the “check engine” light is displaying, or when they are experiencing car problems. It can be helpful for the mechanic to know which kinds of problems are being experienced, and how long the driver has noticed the problems. For things like the check engine light, sometimes the light goes off when nothing is really wrong; for example, some cars will display the light when it is time for an oil change to goad drivers into going to the mechanic, and the mechanic can clear the alarm so that it will stop displaying. The “service/check engine soon” light is triggered in your car because your vehicle’s computer has been notified of an engine-related issue.

Since the computer monitors many different things ranging from very serious to rather minor issues, it is important to get your vehicle’s engine inspected immediately after receiving this notification. To diagnose the problem we use a computer scanner to determine what triggered the light, and then inspect every area this issue could be linked to.

The reason your check engine light may come on will vary vastly. From a specific engine sensor to very extensive troubleshooting, have confidence that our mechanics can solve even the most complex engine issues. It is important to remember if an engine light is ignored, your vehicle’s computer will continuously attempt to compensate for the malfunction – thus causing other, potentially more severe damage.